So what’s it take to be a support crew for a solo Marysville to Melbourne competitor

Before I push out my race report for the weekend just passed and my efforts in the Marysville to Melbourne, I thought it might be fun to do a quick interview with Annie, my support crew to see what she thought of the event. Being support crew takes a special person and to enjoy it is remarkable.

1. What on earth compels any normal person to sacrifice a whole weekend to support competitors in such a race?
I go on all your holidays with you…including your honeymoon. I’m never going to turn down an opportunity to sleep in a trundle bed in the same room as my sister & brother-in-law.

Annie and Meaghan awaiting Adam at transition

2. You’re no stranger to endurance events yourself, why not compete?
I didn’t want to take attention away from what could have been your last race as the official ‘Banzai Adventurer’. Well, that and the fact that I can’t ride a bike or paddle. Although watch this space…there is the possibility of a Phat Phucs team forming for 2014….

Annie completed the Surf Coast Century and 2 trailwalker events last year

3. Is it a tough gig supporting M2M?
It is a long day but if you do your homework (ie read the M2M booklet) the day will run pretty smoothly. It helps when the person you are supporting is very organised with tubs and labelled bags!

4. Did you enjoy it?
It would be hard not to enjoy being part of such a great event. It was good to see so many people getting out there and having a crack. The competitors appeared to be supporting and encouraging each other and support crews were all friendly helpful.

The life and times of support crews

5. What prep did you do to get ready to support?
I got the Banzai adventurer to run me through the transitions and what equipment was needed when. Then I got to the serious stuff and made sure I had enough snacks to get me through the day. Support crew need their own nutrition plan you know.

Support Crew Nutrition

Support Crew really need to take care of themselves.

6. Did you feel any pressure to perform?
Sure. I set the bar pretty high as support crew on the Simpson Desert Challenge so I wanted to make sure my performance was just as awesome.

7. Did you get anything wrong or make mistakes during the day?
I didn’t shut the lid of my water bottle properly and tipped the full 750ml into my handbag while walking through Westerfolds park. I haven’t told you this yet, but your blackberry was in my handbag at the time…I dried it off with my scarf and it seemed to be ok….

8. Did you learn anything?
1) In future, make sure the lid of my stupid water bottle is on properly before i put it in my handbag.
2) The dudes from Vigor are super helpful
3) The Banzai Adventurer and Tuesday Night Parmas are pretty tough and should be proud of their achievements

9. Would you recommend it (Support Crewing) to anyone else?
Yep. As someone who has done events that require a support crew, I know how important they can be! It is a great way to be part of an event and the best part is, the person you supported now owes you…big time!!

10. You ended up supporting more than Adam didn’t you? Tell us a little about Team TNP.
Tuesday Night Parmas are made up of my sister Meaghan (your wife) and her two good mates Kate & Os. Kate was my support crew buddy this year (as she is with child), which meant that Megs & Os stepped up and did M2M as a pair. I had heard a lot about how good Os looks in the ‘snug’ M2M bib so I was happy to finally see it in person. These guys did an amazing job…i think you’ll be hearing more from them down the track…

11. What were the highlights?
1) The sausage & bread that we ate at docklands while we were waiting for you to paddle in. It was so good!! We didn’t want to tell you in case you got mad that we ate without you (sorry gang, I’ve given our secret away!)
2) Being there to see you and Megs (of Tuesday Night Parmas) finishing together…that was pretty special.

12. Lowlights?
The water bottle incident was definitely a low point. I was also a bit sad when I finished the last of my sour lollies. Other than that, I had a pretty long but awesome day!!

Thanks again Annie, you really made the day a whole lot easier to get through. If you want to know a little more about Annie, you should check out her blog.

And one final thanks must be given to my nutrition sponsor for the day. Thank you for not only providing all the help I needed in the taper and carb load phase of preparation but also sending down some extra help ont he day. Phat Phucs, Melbourne’s latest and greatest Yum Cha Reviewers. Check em out folks.

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  1. “I haven’t told you this yet, but your blackberry was in my handbag at the time…I dried it off with my scarf and it seemed to be ok….”

    Confessional gold!

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