4 Days to go – Another inspiring prep talk from El Capitan

Dear all,

As Team Captain I felt it was my responsibility to send one final motivational email for the big race in 4 days time.

Meaghan at full tilt last Salomon Trail Running Series

The countdown is on.  TNPs have trained, we look lean and fit (I’m not so lean but am blaming genetics) and we are totally pumped to take on another M2M.  This year takes a different format with Adam going it alone and Os and I stepping up to do three legs each.  We also have a new member of the team who has been with us since Invy.

Annie – far right, next to Meaghan in the Simpson Desert 2011

Annie brings a lot of support crew pedigree (Simpson Desert Bike Classic) and will complement Kate’s exceptional organisational skills well.  Along with the original TNPs, Annie likes bacon and egg sandwiches, coffee and general snacking.

The weather report is looking ok – not too cold.  There is a bit of rain forecast for the afternoon but we will get on with the job.  Hopefully this means dry bike rides.  I also hope that the overpriced cafe at the end is stocking up with sausages and are ready for the onslaught from 5pm onwards.  I will be wet, cold and hungry.  And you guys better be there to help me out of my boat!!

A few personal records will be smashed this weekend and these shouldn’t go unmentioned:

–          This is the first time Os will be racing with gels.

–          This will be my longest solo paddle ever in one go.

–          This is Adam’s longest adventure race ever.

–          This is the third time Kate has been pregnant support crew (2 x M2Ms, 1 x Anaconda).

–          This is Ossie’s first bike race on a racer (/ever!!).

–          This is Annie’s first M2M.

–          This is the first year we have done any training.

In other coord tasks, I am suggesting a TNPs dinner at Mrs Parmas – I feel it is appropriate.  Let me know if this works and I will make a booking.  It will be a good opportunity to recap on race highlights and generally talk about how ace we were.

Yours in taper,

Team Cap

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