Who is Phil McCorriston and why is he coming to Melbourne?

Followers of this blog may recall me talking about meeting a guy called Phil at the Mainpeak multisport Race earlier this year. Well he finished 11th there and is heading over to Melbourne later this month to mix it up with some of the best multisport athletes in Australia at this years Marysville 2 Melbourne. I’ve stayed in touch with Phil over the past few months and have been following his significant (And rather quiet) training and preparation for this epic event..

– meet Phil:

1. How did you hear about this race? 

Heard about this race after doing a couple of Anaconda adventure races in Augusta though Rapid Ascents web site.

2. Have you done any Rapid Ascent races before? 

Yes it all started a few years back when I accidentally stumbled across the Anaconda race series while holidaying in Dunsborough, I hadn’t even heard of this kind of racing and when I saw the format and all the fun people where having I knew this kind of racing was for me. So I set my goals and entered the race the following year. Since then (4yrs ago) I have competed in all the Anaconda adventure races in Augusta 3 times as an individual and once in a team. Last year I entered their (Rapid Ascent) Mainpeak multisport event from Toodyay to the Swan Valley.

3. What made you consider coming over to Vic? 

After the last few years of racing on the WA coast I thought it was about time to do a race outside of my home state in a different location, the only trouble was I wasn’t sure which event to enter. Which brings to the time when I met this bloke who was going by the name of the Banzai Adventurer, I happened to stumble across this guy on Facebook and was following a few of his adventures through the year. Anyway it is a small world because on the eve of the Mainpeak race I was quietly sitting down at the local pub ordering a meal and bugger me dead who walks in the Banzai adventurer! Then about 8 weeks later I’m down in Augusta sitting on the bus ready to head out to the start of the Anaconda Adventure race and who other than by chance sits beside me that’s right the Banzai adventurer again. So we are sitting there having a chat and he says to me “Hey I have a free entry to M2M if you are interested in coming over?” Usually I’m not one to take up opportunities like this, but the thrill of this kind of racing got the better of me and a few days later I took the offer up to come to Vic and race the M2M.

4. You’re not exactly a newcomer to long distance and endurance races though are you? I mean, the first time I met you you had a 70.3 jacket on? 

 Yes the 70.3 jacket came from the Busselton half ironman last year where I competed in a team doing the bike leg.

A bit of a local superstar, here Phil is seen doing his best Bay watch impression for the local press.

A bit of a local superstar, here Phil is seen doing his best Baywatch impression for the local press.

5. Have you always been an endurance athlete? 

No, I haven’t always been an endurance athlete. In my younger days I played a lot of Basketball up until the age of about 17-18 and then started working and really lost interest in all physical activity. That’s when over the next 8 or so years spent my time parting, drinking and getting into a bit of trouble along the way. It wasn’t until I was 28 when I jumped on the scales in the bathroom and they read 118kg, this wasn’t a good thing with just starting a new family. So I thought I had better do something about this unhealthy lifestyle and started to go for runs, swims and rides. As my fitness improved and I dropped the kgs I started to do a few fun runs and other smaller event and one thing lead to another. Before I knew it I was competing in adventure races and I had the BUG! Ever since starting the fitness journey I have never looked back one of the best decisions I have made and encourage other people to have ago it is a great way to live your life.

6. What kind of training have you been doing to prepare for M2M? 

Over summer I have really stepped up my training to the next level, which is quiet hard trying to fit it all in around family life and working shift work, but any free bit of time I get I’m either out running, riding or paddling. My training week usually consists of one big run around the 20-25km mark and a couple of shorter runs around 10-15km. Riding the bike is the same usually aim for one big ride of about 120-140km and a few smaller 70-80km ones. Paddling I just try to get out about twice a week and do 15km each session. I also try to do a couple of brick session as well eg bike/run or run/paddle just to get the body used to the transitioning from one leg to the next and maybe try to get a swim session in as well if I have time.

Phil.. Soon to be crowned 9th Solo Finisher in his first attempt. The main is an inspiration

Phil.. Soon to be crowned 9th Solo Finisher in his first attempt at Mainpeak Multisport. The man is an inspiration

7. It can be a bit daunting, a race of this format, point to point, it means you really need a support crew, what are you doing about this? 

Yes it can be a bit daunting this type of racing. As far as my race fitness goes I am happy with it and feel confident that I can finish the M2M race. Logistically I’m not too sure I’ve enlisted my old man to come over with me and relying on him to get each transition set up for me. I’m just praying when I run into T2 my bike is there set up waiting for me. Knowing my old man though there is a good chance he may set up my kayak among all the bikes then I’m in trouble ;-P

8. It can be tough to travel with all the gear you need for this, bike, kayak etc. Have you arranged a boat locally? 

Don’t really want to think about this too much because there is a lot of gear to consider and will probably forget to pack something ill need. Will be bringing my own TT bike over with me on the plane. Luckily I’ve been touch with Jarad Kohlar and organised an epic V12 through his company Peak adventure which is a great help.

For the M2M Phil has arranged a local boat through Peak Adventure

For the M2M Phil has arranged a local boat through Peak Adventure

9. Hairy legs or slick? 

Had to laugh at this one it was only last weekend when I was out riding with the local triathlon club and a few of the guys where suggesting that id need a chainsaw to get through the hairs on my legs. So to answer the question ‘Hairy’ it is just cant bring myself to do it.

I wonder how much faster he would go if he shaved the legs?

I wonder how much faster he would go if he shaved the legs?

10. I’ve been watching you pick up the km on strava, you’ve got some big rides in there. I haven’t seen a lot of hill work though, have you seen the course profile?

As I said before I have been increasing my training, usually the big ride I do does go out into the hills so I have no trouble with hills. Also been running a few hills as well. As far as the course profile goes it looks good, the first run looks a little up and down, the ride seems to be more of a downward appearance which I was hoping wouldn’t be the case due to the fact I back myself a little on the bike at the moment riding up hills. Then the second run looks nice and flat, just got to hope the cramps don’t set in and the nutrition strategy pans out for the race.

11. What are you most looking forward to at M2M? 

I’m most looking forward to the whole adventure and journey it will take me on, just hoping everything goes to plan and I finish the race not aiming to smash any records anyway lol

Looking very sharp indeed

Looking very sharp indeed

12. Strongest leg? Definitely the Bike at the moment.

13. Weakest leg? Don’t like to think I have a really weak leg.

14. What drives you to train and compete? 

The main thing that drives me to train and compete is just the healthy lifestyle it gives you and the sense of achievement after each training session or race.

I’d also like to take this chance to thank you for this opportunity you have given me to come over and compete in this event it is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the big day.

Phil thanks for taking the time to share a bit about yourself ahead of the race. I hope you find the event as welcoming here in Vic as we Victorians found the W.A. Race last year. It’s a great (Hilly) course and I’m sure you’ll do well. See you in a couple of weeks.


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7 Responses to Who is Phil McCorriston and why is he coming to Melbourne?

  1. Wade Eaton says:

    Good luck with the race Phil, I am sure you will do yourself and your family proud, and that article was a great read.

  2. Jenetix says:

    . I like how events like these can foster a connection based on a shared interest between people living on opposite sides of the country that really sticks.

    Excuse my ignorance but does anyone care to tell me what a Brick Session is though? It sounds painful 🙂

    Great read, good luck to you both with the race x

    • rosemarybyde says:

      A ‘brick session’ is when you do two types of training back to back, like you would have to in a multisport race. A popular one is doing a bike session then straight into a run without stopping. It makes your legs go funny the first few times, so you need to practice it to be good at it on race day 🙂

  3. Vicki mccorriston says:

    Awesomeness……love this guy 🙂

  4. First of all I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.

    I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind
    before writing. I have had a tough time clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out.
    I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first
    10 to 15 minutes are wasted just trying to figure out how
    to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Thanks!

    • Adam Evans says:

      Well that’s an interesting question. I don’t know really. Generally I try to come up with the title and then the first paragraph or few sentences, I try to think about what might be a catchy start to the story I want to tell. Thanks for the comment.

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