Another pre-race speech by Meaghan – Captain of the Tuesday Night Parmas

As we are only 4 weeks out from the big race (Marysville 2 Melbourne) we are into the final stages of our training. Just saying that seems a little weird, for some reason we are actually training and pretty hard too this year. Meaghan has lifted her team leadership to new levels and as she did last year, has taken to providing us some timely advice and encouragement to keep our motivation high and ensure we are prepared physically and mentally for this epic race. This is the latest of her inspirational emails..

To: Team TNP

From: Meaghan

So, I have attached some course notes for M2M from Liam at Vigor Fitness.  It doesn’t mention anything about embracing lycra but I feel like it is implied.  I am starting to get excited now.  In other exciting news, my new cycling tights arrived today.  Full length – I am going for total coverage, it’s in everyone’s best interests………I hope they make me ride faster.

So a team update . . . .

  • ·         Os ran 20km the other day which is awesome AND is looking very fit – his run is only 19km so he has technically over trained,
  • ·         Meaghan is not 100% sure she can ride 50km without stopping but is convinced that she will try really hard,
  • ·         Adam STILL doesn’t know what boat he is going to use,
  • ·         Os is scared of gels (sort of for good reason),
  • ·         Kate has been researching the best squatting techniques via Commando on the Biggest Loser (for the good of the team of course!),
  • ·         Meaghan is considering starting her taper two weeks early,
  • ·         Annie is pumped about bacon and egg sandwiches at the Marysville Bakery,


Speaking of training, in the next blog entry I plan to describe what preparations we have taken for this years race. As Meaghan and Os are stepping up to half each and I have taken on the whole race solo, we have had to take our preparations a little more seriously than in previous years. Some additional fame as a result of an interview with Rapid Ascent has also helped focus the mind.

Are you doing the M2M this year? If so, please drop us a line so we can catch up on the day.

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