Very Slick Shwa, Very Slick

What makes a smart young man decide to line up at the start line with hundreds of other crazies and step out into the unknown of his first Mountain Bike Race? How does it feel? Well, I thought I’d ask my Nephew Josh Vitols that very question (among others)..
Here is the result…
Josh is lining up next weekend to tackle his first Mountain Bike Race – the 15 km pioneer race. Part of the Rapid Ascent Kona Odyssey festival of fun. Down at Forrest in Victoria, set among some of Australia’s best mountain bike trails, the Odyssey has grown to epic status and is on the bucket list for many Australian and International riders alike.
So Josh… with a week to go, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for me.

1.Have you ever done a mountain bike race before?


2. How much mountain biking have you done before?

I’ve done a bit here and there, with my Uncle Adam, and for a school class.

3. Are you doing the 100, 50 or 15?

I am doing the Pioneer, a 15km race.

4. What made you want to do this one?

Probably the fact that I haven’t done one before and that this would be a really good opportunity.

5. You know people refer to the Odyssey as an epic and one of the toughest MTB marathons in Australia don’t you?

I see the Odyssey as being quite a widely known event and from what I’ve heard it is… tough.

6. Are you nervous? If so what about?

I’m not really nervous, just more exited… I think they call that anxious?

7. What kind of bike do you ride?

I am proud to ride a Merida bike. I have a got a Big NineTFS 300 (29er) hardtail.

8. Do you ride a lot normally?

I do ride often, to school and back, to work and back and also to the sweet trails around Gippsland.

9. Is the Banzai Adventurer your favourite all time athlete, ever?

Yes, I think that anyone that does the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge is crazy and has guts.

10. Do you have any sweet skills on the bike you’d like to tell us about? Like popping mono’s?Jumps ?

Not really, I’ve never been able to do anything like that..

11. What’s the most badass stack you had riding?

The most ‘badass stack’ I’ve ever had riding would be about 2 months ago I came flying down a track and leading into a trail my pedal hit a tree stump, and the rest is history.

I ended up having deep bruising and ligament damage…

oh and a bone fracture.

12. You broke your leg?

Yeah, I guess.

13. What did you do?

Well I rode home and told mum… she freaked out a bit and took me to the doctor, when they did an x-ray they said I had a fracture.

14. One day, when and if you ever grow up as strong and as tall as the Banzai Adventurer, do you want to be just like him when you’re 40 years old?

Haha. I think that would be great. I think that I would love to do adventure races whenever I could.

15. What are you most looking forward to at the event?

I am most looking forward to the proud moment of finishing.

16. Got a girlfriend who is likely to read / see this interview?

Well, as much as I am the ladies man… probably no.

17. Have you done any training specially for this event?

Yes, I have been riding into work/school everyday, and that is about 10kms and then on a Sunday I go for about a 20km ride on road and in the trails.

18. Do you know many other people doing it?

No, in fact the only other person I know doing it (that I know of…) is the infamous Banzai Adventurer ahaha ha ha.

19. Are you going to shave your legs like a roadie cyclist or go hairy like your cool uncle?

Haha. No I will go hairy, it’s the way to go.

Thanks Josh… Get excited! The race is on in a little over a week. I’m looking forward to see how we both go and maybe doing a follow up interview down at Forrest.
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  2. rosemarybyde says:

    Wow, riding home on that fracture is hardcore. A 15km should be a breeze! 😀

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