TNP are famous

Well sometimes… occasionally… we get approached by race organisers to do interviews and provide an insight into what makes the TNP tick.

Just the other day, Meaghan was asked by Rapid Ascent to do a quick Q and A for the Marysville 2 Melbourne. If you had any doubts about your abililty to enter and complete that event in a team, read this and feel reassured:

This is a copy of the Rapid Ascent interview –

” Team profile: The Tuesday Night Parmas (is there a better team name out there?)

A smile leapt onto my face the other day when I was looking down the M2M entry list and saw that the Tuesday Night Parmas had entered M2M for a third year in a row. With this much racecred, and a team name like that, I just had to get in touch and ask them a few questions for the benefit of all of us. Here is their (funny) story…

Who are you and what do you do?
We are normally a team of 3 or 4 happy go lucky friends but this year one of our kind is entering it solo so the rest of us are stepping up to do 3 legs each, so we may need to train this year (gulp!)

Meaghan (team captain): @ Work – Logistics / Humanitarian Response with Oxfam Australia.
@ M2M – In the past two events I have done the 19km trail run and 41km ride but this year we are switching it up. . . .I will be doing the 50km ride, 14km run and the last 15km paddle. It’s going to hurt.

Ryan: @ Work – Project Manager. @M2M – He sticks to running and paddling, usually doing the 14km run and a paddle. HOWEVER IN BREAKING NEWS, Ryan will be bike riding as well this year. It’s a big deal in our world and neither of us is too flash on the old bike so watch out for us careering out of control around the roads. Ryan also got a skateboard for Christmas which he might strap on the back if it gets too hard.

Adam: well he is jumping ship to tackle M2M solo as part of his Banzai Adventurer gig. He’s tackled every other Rapid Ascent event last year and is on a roll.

Kate: our faithfull support crew.

…I think it’s weird that we aren’t more famous.

Where does the team name ‘Tuesday Night Parmas’ come from? How do you know each other?
We decided to enter M2M three years ago over a few pints and massive Parmas down at Ocean Grove. It also happened to be a Tuesday – not sure how many beers in when the name was formalised.  We felt that this restaurant reflected our love of carb loading and tapering.  That’s how the Tuesday Night Parmas were born.

Kate, Ryan and I have known each other since we were 17 years old.  We met Adam three years later.  We all went to uni together.

Does having a weekly Parma count as a training session for the team?
A weekly Parma definitely counts. Tuesday Night Parmas understand the importance of tapering and carb loading – these are the key elements of all of our training. Actually – these are the only elements of our training.

Who takes the race most seriously and who is the most relaxed?
He says: Meaghan is definitely the most serious, hence she is our motivator and team Captain. Meaghan even tries to get us to train – with mixed results.  I think Ryan is the most relaxed – he holds that x-factor which cannot be obtained through training.
She says: I think we all take our individual legs seriously but not the overall race.  It’s all about having a good time, trash talking and snacking.  And trying to work out the best way to get to the finish without getting caught in traffic.

Who is the team captain and are they bossy? Who calls the shots?
She says:  I am and no I’m not bossy.  Right?
He says:  Meaghan is the team Captain and out of fear, I can’t answer the remainder of this question.

Can you tell us any funny stories about training / racing that any of you have had? Accidents or injuries or just plain epics?
We would have funny training stories if we did more training.  We talk about it a lot though. . . .

Ryan has an issue with the ‘snug’ fit of the M2M bibs. That always provides us with some amusement.

Getting to each of the transitions feels like a bit of a car rally, which is thoroughly entertaining.  Kate is an exceptional driver with the ability to jag excellent parking spaces which maximises rest / coffee time (tip for young players!!). In our first hit out, Kate (support crew / competitor) made sandwiches with mouldy ham but luckily we were onto it early or she could have wiped out the whole team in one go!!

Why do you do the M2M each year – what is it that you enjoy? What is your motivation?
We love M2M.  It is an adventurous, beautiful event that involves an epic journey.  For us, it’s as much about the logistics and support crew as the competitors.  For example, working out where we can drink coffee and eat bacon and egg sandwiches and still make it to the transitions in time.  Total juggling act.

It’s a great day – very social and a fantastic opportunity to get out and be active whilst feeling a sense of achievement at the end of it.

Another large part of the motivation for us is the very much over priced sausage sizzle and beers at one of the cafes at the finish.  Our aim is to cross the finish line before the cafe closes.  Any chance Rotary could do a sausage sizzle this year?  They would make an absolute fortune off us. . .

If you could give 3 tips to other teams thinking of entering the race what would they be?
1.  Do it! Have a think about where you are at physically and mentally and tailor the amount of legs for the race accordingly. Even if you are doing one leg it is still a great day.
2.  FYI, the second bike ride is not all downhill contrary to the profile map provided!!  Do not be misled. . . . .
3.  The race will sort itself out. . . .focus on the journey (and the sandwiches / BBQ shapes which incidentally are relatively high in carbohydrates) Make sure to carb-load – essential for team training events! ”

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