What lays ahead – 2013 – Chapter 2 of the Year of Adventure as The Banzai Adventurer

So begins another year of adventure. I just spent the past half an hour looking through the Rapid Ascent Event Calendar and trying to work out how I am going to fit them all in.

It goes something like like:

Kona Odyssey 16 Feb 

Looks like I’ll be doing that with my mate Scott again. He dragged me through last year, hopefully he can do the same this time round. As an added bonus, my nephew Josh will be coming along for a hit out on the shorter course. I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve been riding with Josh down in Gippsland and I’m keen to see how he goes in a race. He’s got the moves and seems to lack the sense of self preservation. It’s going to be rad.

Rainforest Ride 24 Feb 

A great ride and a good way to get the legs rolling again on the roadie. I’ll try convince Megs or Os from Tuesday Night Parmas to come along for that.

Bike Buller March Long Weekend

I’ll put a bit more of a crew together for that and make a whole weekend of it. I was spewing I missed it last year.

X – Adventure Dunsborough 16 March

An off road triathlon to get the heart pumping – hopefully see Phil and Ben over there for that. And I’d better get some leave approved from work…

Then the epic for the year. My goal from the beginning – the iconic – and slightly nerve wracking –

Marysville 2 Melbourne 28 Apr 

And in big news – Tuesday Night Parmas will be back for more this year. I will be going solo, going solo and Phil from W.A. is coming across to mix it with the Eastern States locals – also solo…. And where do you ask is Ben… well it seems he has been doing some secret training and scheming so he too may make the pilgrimage across……

And finally the ICME – a week of mountain bike heaven in Alice Springs in mid May.

I’m looking for a buddy to take along to that in case Meaghan can’t get time off work. So let me know if you are keen..

What have you got planned this year?

First things first though… To training and getting a little bit better in some rather essential skills… Like not falling out of the kayak..

Liam and Rachel from Vigor Fitness have their work cut out for him in that department. So much so that I have chosen a rather low key, out of the way, quietly growing event down in Gippsland for my return to training this year. If you are around on the 09 Feb and are keen on a great event with a group of like minded folk (from front end, through mid pack hacks – like me, and beginners) come along. Check the event site for the details.

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2 Responses to What lays ahead – 2013 – Chapter 2 of the Year of Adventure as The Banzai Adventurer

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Looks like a busy and fun few months coming up. I’m looking forward to reading about it.

  2. It should be great Andrew. I see you are still getting out there too. Big things ahead hey…

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