TNP are back for M2M 2013

This in from Meaghan:


NEWS FLASH. . . .THIS JUST IN. . . . . .

 Tuesday Night Parmas have officially entered their third Marysville to Melbourne event.  This year sees a split in the team with Adam tackling the monster race all on his own.  Meaghan and Os have also stepped up to complete three legs each.  This race separates the men from the boys. . . . .

We all know that Os would like to do his cycle leg on his brand new skateboard however, I have been in contact with event management and they said no.  The reason for their decision was that it would give Tuesday Night Parmas an unfair advantage over the other competitors.  Fair play.

Kate will also be stepping up in support crew duties, HOWEVER, we may need to do some recruiting on this front.  Two teams is a bit too much to handle, she can only make so many sandwiches!!

I am going to try and book accommodation today for the night before.  Watch this space. . . ..

Let the training begin.

TNP Team Captain

Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from our first effort

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