Banzai Adventurer: Surfcoast Century 100km

Here’s a guest blog I did for the “Racing Tales” site. Pretty bloody chuffed to be contributing to such a well known site. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend perusing the stories. I am convinced there is something in the soil or water down there on the Surf Coast.

Racing Tales John Jacoby Style

Put the Surfcoast Century 100km on your bucket list. It was amazingly successful for an inugural event. The trail running craze is quickly positioning itself as the next endurance heavy weight so Adam Kelsall thought he better do some research and find an athlete that could help us understand this madness a little better. Who better than the Banzai Adventurer madman who just keeps stepping up to the start line week after week.

Story By: Banzai Adventurer

What do I know about ultra marathons?  This is what I thought when Adam asked me to “do a piece for his blog”. I mean, I had been training for 4 months to get me to the start line, but the night before the race, I was asking the question – do I have  the mettle to push myself to finish or not.  Surely there is someone more qualified than me to write the commentary on Australia’s…

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