This is the title of a photograph that a good friend of mine posted recently on Facebook. It inspired me to write an entry on the Banzai Adventure Page. I’ve been thinking a lot about what motivates me lately so thought I’d share it again here for you. Not much has changed since this was first published. I am signed up to another event this weekend – not a triathlon, but another event just the same. In fact is you delete Triathlon and Insert Mainpeak Multisport, It’s pretty much current.

You know the kind of motivational photo I mean, a super athlete staring deep into the camera with an inspiring and in this case challenging, yet simple statement. Since seeing it, I’ve been a little on edge, in truth my mood has quietly been turning filthy. Its easy for a super athlete to say that, he doesn’t have to do a 40 hour week.

I got home from a busy day at work and procrastinated for about an hour before eventually going for a run. My beautiful and ever supportive wife gave me a bit of a push, suggesting I’ll feel better after a training session.

For the first 10 minutes or so I ran a few work issues through my head, I fiddled with my hat and sunnies and struggled with getting into a rhythm. Probably Ten or so issues mulled around from work emails to the overcrowded state of the Moreland Trams. Then it struck me – I’ve entered an event this weekend and I’ve had 3 weeks to train for it with some specific training. And I haven’t. There it was. I had been busy coming up with excuses all week – too busy, interstate travel, too tired, too dark, hot.. A hundred little reasons that compound into a big pile of procrastination. Now, after seeing that poster I was doubting myself.

I’m pretty fit I suppose, I can swim OK, I am confident on the mountain bike and I can run the distance on or off road. The question is – Can I put them all together in an off road triathlon?

At start my year of adventures, I chose the Tre-X off road triathlon as a suitable event to test my fitness and to start to link disciplines together. I should be able to do each leg with a respectable time so I think I’ll do OK. So why the inspirational poster blues? Am a doubting myself? Am I nervous about finishing? Or finishing – but last?

Then I got distracted.

I don’t know what it was, probably a hundred little things. Before too long I was in ‘the moment’. People talk about getting into a flow, zoning out, getting into a groove. Surfers refer to the stoke. I’m not sure whether I’d call it meditation, but it’s mighty close… And it happens to me when I train.

I didn’t break any records. It wasn’t the fastest, hardest or longest running I’ve done. But Meaghan was right.. I came back feeling a lot better.

I’ve been following the discussion online about the pros and cons of running with some amusement this week. For me it’s pretty simple, it may not strike a chord with everyone but that’s the thing about going for a run, even when you are in a group, it is your run. Your body, your headspace, no excuses.

The truth is there is always time for a run and I always feel better after one. This weekend I will be out there having a crack at the triathlon, I know I could have trained more, I know I could be fitter, faster, stronger, but for me, that’s less important than getting out there and having a go. I’m sure afterwards, provided everything goes well and I finish, I will wonder what I could have done with more time, more dedication and harder training. That will probably motivate me to train a little harder for my next event.

Either way, I’ve packed my runners for my lunch break at work tomorrow.


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  1. AthleteAgain says:

    “Success trains, failure complains” – love that! Thanks for the mention.

  2. As my karate sensei used to say when I got kicked or punched after failing to block, we do the best we can. You’ve done the best you can. It will be enough. You are enough.

  3. crackers17 says:

    I’ve always found training to be a lot like life in general……you usually get back exactly what you put in

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