5 Days to go… till Anaconda Noosa – Holy Cow! How did I get here?

Months ago I won a competition to that gave me free entry to Rapid Ascent events for a year. Being the last person to shy away from the challenge I decided to do them… all of them. Since then, I’ve started training for my first Ultra Marathon, Completed half of the Salomon Trail Running Series, Joined a group fitness group and bought a bike bag to carry my steed interstate. I’m still very good at carb loading and tapering and marginally better at training…. am I ready? (Probably not)….. Hell Yeah!! Bring it on!!!!

Sitting at work today (sorry boss) I was pondering how quickly the past few months has gone and wondering what has changed, if anything as a result of this new-found challenge.. Well quite a lot actually.

I’ve always been keen on the outdoors and always up for a challenge, this particular one – taking on the Rapid Ascent Golden Ticket – poses some fitness, time management, nutrition, logistics and coordination challenges quite unique to anything I’ve faced in the past. I’ve become a lot better at time management, both at work and at home. I am starting to dedicate more time to me, to train or rest and finding myself a lot better at prioritising home time. I’m getting much better at finding opportunities to train and am starting to notice the work life balance shifting ever so slowly in my favour.

I’ve also discovered a whole world full of people who are also taking on new challenges and having a heap of fun doing it. These folk are keeping me motivated and provided very real, every day inspiration. (A quick shout out to Scott, Team Virtus, Patricia, Mary,  Andrew and everyone contributing their bit to me being distracted from work).  It is a stark contrast to the business environment I often find myself in, where people are not quite as comfortable taking a personal risk, putting themselves out there and backing themselves.

I’ve joined a fitness training group, surrounded myself with inspirational people, given myself more time to train and bought essential equipment to get me to and from the event. I’ve even earned myself a new title of “Expert Blogger for Banzai” – What were they thinking? ..

So here I am, less than a week before the Anaconda Noosa Race. So what about the training?

Well, Anaconda Noosa consists of disciplines of Swimming, Running, Paddling and Mountainbike Riding. I have good leg endurance at the moment so will be ok on the run and ride and am stubborn enough to get through the swim and kayak legs. I have also watched hours and hours of back to back Tour De France and Olympics, so if I need to I can stay awake all night if I need to.

All the distances are realistic for me to complete so I think, for this one, the first one, it’s about how good I look doing the event, right? Time will tell.. Stay tuned… The Banzai Adventurer is off to Noosa Baby!!

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2 Responses to 5 Days to go… till Anaconda Noosa – Holy Cow! How did I get here?

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Good luck at the race. Am sure it will be fun.

    It is interesting isn’t it how taking on crazy physical challenges can change you. Last year my goal was to do one triathlon a month for 10 months. There were no races in November, December or March that I wanted to do so I did a 45km trail run, a barefoot half marathon and a shod marathon instead. I also tacked in an 8 hour adventure race at the end of the season. It changed my life. This year my goal is to run one running event a month for 10 months: 1 x 22km, 1 x 40km, 1 x marathon, 6 x 50km and 1 x 50 mile. So I totally grok the journey you are on and am loving following it.

  2. Kate says:

    That golden ticket sounds like an AMAZING prize! Good luck on your upcoming race. It’s really cool just how many exciting events and fun motivated people you find once you start looking. Endurance sports have definitely been a life-changer for me, in a very good way.

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