The Anaconda Adventure Race Series 2012

I can’t believe I am writing this blog entry about my plans to participate in every race in this years Anaconda Adventure Race National series. How did I get here?

Well, as you probably know I won a competition that gave me 2 Rapid Ascent Golden Tickets. The holy grail of weekend adventure and multisport events. Free entry into every event run by Rapid Ascent for a year.

As I am pretty much always up for a challenge, I called it early. ..I’ll do the lot.

Being a middle of the pack hack, keen on the outdoors and having a few extra frequent flyer points from my seemingly constant work travel, I am well placed to get around to all of these awesome events.

Last year I completed the Anaconda Lorne Adventure race. Perhaps the most well known of the one day classics. Being new to the sport and even newer to ocean paddling, I am pretty chuffed to have survived, let alone finish.

Here’s a highlight reel from that event last year.

As I finished though I got to thinking that one day I’d like to have a go at all of the events in the series. Sure enough, that is exactly what I am going to do this year.

So what is the Anaconda Adventure Race National Series?

It’s a 3 race series of one day adventure races. Held in Noosa (QLD), Augusta (W.A.) and Lorne (Vic). As we get a little closer to each of those events, I’ll do a quick preview and let you know how I am tracking.

So stand by folks. Follow my journey as I hit the road and line up against the best off road athletes in Australia and New Zealand and take on the premier adventure racing series.

I’ll line up at each of these events, along side plenty of other weekend warriors just like me – out there having a go. Will you be one of them?

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