Rightio… What’s next?.. I know. Let’s run 100km. Follow my journey…..

That’s right folks. This is the next biggy for me this year. There will be some diversions along the way, what with a trail running series, a multisport race and a national Adventure Racing series to fit in as well, but this September, this middle aged, middle pack hack is going to run 100km.

Look at this picture…. How can I not sign up to this spectacular run?

I am an average runner, I have a few fun runs, a marathon and an Oxfam Trailwalker (Some years ago) but nothing like this. A solo 100km run in one of the most scenic places in Australia.

So why? I had already entered the Salomon Trail Run series as a result of me winning the Rapid Ascent Golden Ticket. So the temptation was just too great when they announced Australia’s newest and arguably most scenic Ultra. The Surfcoast Century.

My training has shifted back to basics. Time jogging. I am building my base and will keep a log of my training and preparation here as well as a video diary of my journey.

Here’s an example of my superior video capture and editing skills at work…

So stand by. The next chapter in me searching for a better life work life balance has commenced… all aboard…



BANZAI “Expert” commentary on some things adventure

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