Tuesday Night Parmas – #M2M Debrief

Well what a day! We beat our previous time and all got PBs on at least one of the legs in this, the premier Multisport Race in Australia!! While I draft the race report here is a copy of the immediate feedback provided to the team yesterday by our unstoppable leader, Meaghan.

This proved very useful in support of the mandatory Monday Morning Brag at work.


To: Oswin, Ryan; Rippon, Kate; Evans, Adam

Subject: NEWS JUST IN: TNP Dominate Marysville to Melbourne

Hi fellow TNP,

Just a final word from your team captain – what a performance on the weekend!!

We got ALL the way from Marysville to Melbourne under our own steam in 10 hours 56 mins.  Not bad for a team who like tapering and carb loading more than training.  Adam and I were trying to work out why this event is so amazing and we decided that it is all about the journey . . . going from the bush to the CBD is incredible, the scenery, the atmosphere, the travel.  Also, the extremely overpriced sausages and beer at the end rate pretty highly too.  I guess the Marysville bakery is also amazing but I wouldn’t know (so jack by the way team – eating b&e rolls while I have to eat a lame banana).

There were all sorts of drama that dominated the event this year – Kate’s return to competitive running, Adam and Ossie’s new found awesome paddling technique, me spending too much time making friends on the trail run instead of actually running, Kate’s amazing time after an injury in the early stages of the run, Adam getting lost trying to get to Dight’s Falls, Adam’s single plugger blow out, my terrible driving to get the finish, Kate expressing milk in the car on the move, BBQ shapes, boost bars, powerade spilling in my bag, more BBQ shapes and of course, the sausage sizzle at the finish ALMOST closing before we got there.

Adam and I were exhausted by the time we got home – not sure how you two managed a drop off to Canterbury, then a drive to Lilydale, then a baby.  Adam and I couldn’t even face unpacking the car . . . .so we didn’t.  And onto more important things, Friday night dinner to rehash the thrills and spills that was M2M 2012!  Should I book for 7pm???

As an aside. . .I am sooo freakin sore today that I can’t walk down stairs. Kate – I hope your calf is ok!!


Your Team Captain

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