Pre Race Interview – Part 2

This is the conclusion of the pre race interview with my team mates of Tuesday Night Parmas. Here we get a real insight into the training required for for the premier Australian Multisport race, the Rapid Ascent Marysville 2 Melbourne. This is the second part of the interview..

Me: So lets talk training, what did you do to prepare for the race last year?

Kate: Watched Os and Adam do a paddle session then at breakfast with them down in Port Melbourne.

Os: Not much.

Meaghan: Not enough.

Me: And this year? What are you doing differently?

Kate: Childbirth, does that count as training?

Os: A couple of runs and had planned on training harder this time..

Meaghan: Not enough time on the bike. I am not doing Trailwalker the week before so hopefully I am a bit fresher but maybe not as fit.  I think those factors will cancel each other out perfectly.  We will see!!

Me: So best and worst legs last year?

Meaghan: Lunch was by far my best leg, followed by the 19km trail run. The worst was the  bike ride, because I am pretty ordinary on a bike.  I nearly cried and hugged the marshall when he told me I only had 1km to go.  Then I  got to the transition completely spent and my team mate wasn’t happy to see me because he wasn’t looking forward to the 15km run!!  So sad. . . .I was really happy to see him!!

Kate:  I received a good response when I produced some snakes between the bike
and paddle legs. But my worst leg was probably my ham sandwich debarcle.

Me: What about mental preparations for this year?

Meaghan:  A lot of tough talk helps.  Along with phrases such as “We’re gonna
smash it!” and just a lot of high fiving.  That’s the advice we received from our sports psychologist last time and I think it really worked.

Kate: Conciousness.

Os: Mmm the willingness to have a good time.

Me: And post race recovery techniques?

Meaghan: A sausage in bread and two beers.  Solid. . . . Apparently stretching is good too but I didn’t really have time for that, in between snacking, sitting in the car, finding kayaks, drinking coffee – I had a lot on my plate after completing my two legs.

Me: any equipment issues last year?

Os: The Rapid Ascent bibs did seem a little snug.

Meaghan:  I wish my bike was faster.  I mean it’s a carbon fibre, super lightweight, mean Merida machine but for some reason it doesn’t go fast. Weird right??

Me: Weakest link last year?


1.       Me doing the 40km bike leg.  No question. (nearly crying during a leg is UNACCEPTABLE!!  Toughen up loser!!)

2.       Adam doing the paddle (he fell out last year – there is no doubt that we are a professional unit)

3.       Os (something funny will happen to him this year – it always does… watch this space..

So that’s it, a team of mates, lining up with the best multisport athletes in Australia to compete in one of the premier races on the calendar. Have you ever thought of doing an event like this? If you are in Melbourne on the weekend come down and have a look. We’ll be there, rain hail or shine with grins on.

If you see us say G’Day.

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