Pre Race Interview – Part 1

In the lead up to the Rapid Ascent Marysville 2 Melbourne event this weekend, I caught up with team to talk through some of the preparations for the race. Why they are doing it, what they did well (or not) last year and what they think about their preparations heading into the race this year…

Me: How did we end up with the name, Tuesday Night Parmas?

Os: Our first planning conference was held on Tuesday night at Ocean Grove with the worlds biggest Parmas – Giddy Up!

Kate:  We might have been called Ming Terrace Tourists had they decided to stay
open past 8pm on a Tuesday night…..

Meaghan: It is related to the time that we like to share as a team.  Carb loading
and tapering.

Me: Kate, why do you want to join in this year?

Kate: I was support crew last year and a little bit pregnant – but was very keen to be more involved this year and due to a team vote, need to pass on the lunch making responsibilities. (Half way through our second sandwich we realised the ham was a little funky)

Me: How do you think you went last year?

Meaghan: We went pretty well I think, the snacks were top notch (Ham excluded), the team were in the transition locations at teh right time and we all made it to the finish line to see Os finish the paddle., despite horrendous traffic. Good job all round.

Kate: I thought my support crewing was top notch, although there was the incident with the ham being a little bit off…..and a few close calls with some cyclists…..

Me: Meaghan you are team captain again this year…

Meaghan:  I am team captain.  I have found it an arduous task so far, managing the team, their training programs, nutrition and general coordination for the event.  There is a lot to think about when you are dealing with  athletes with our experience and talent.

Well in to the last few days before the event, there is no time left to train so we are all into tapering and carb loading. Let’s face it, that is our real strength… Stay tuned for Part 2.

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