Marysville 2 Melbourne 2012 – Race Planning

“Prior preparation prevents pisspoor performance”…

These are the five Ps as described to me some time ago on an induction course in Canberra. How true.

It’s not that we are completely unprepared though, we are all reasonably fit and 3 of us completed the course last year, our fourth was support crew, so at least we know what we are getting into. As we all lead busy lives and struggle to find the time to dedicate to proper training, we have all prepared separately. As we are in this event for the challenge and the enjoyment of participating as a team, there is probably less pressure on us, than those teams expecting to finish a little closer to the dias. That said, as we got closer to the event, nerves started to show. Fearing a rift in the finely tuned dynamic of our team, we committed to a final planning conference to sort out the finer details.

Race logistics, nutrition plan and support crew responsibilities need to be rehearsed to ensure seamless transitions on race day. We met at Kate and Os’ place to run through our final preparations.

I secretly recorded some of the discussion and have uploaded a few of the highlights here to give you unprecedented insight to what it takes to be part of Australias least known Multisport and Adventure racing team – the Tuesday Night Parmas…

Throughout the evening I prompted each of my esteemed team mates in a discussion of what drives them to put themselves through events like this and got quite a few interesting responses.

Stay tuned for the highlights.

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