Marysville to Melbourne

This is it! The first race as Banzai Adventurer. I won a competition that has given me all the motivation I need to get out doors. A year of Free Events – and all the gear I need to complete them. So here it is, the first event…

The Marysville 2 Melbourne, or M2M is a multisport race held in Victoria, Australia. This year it will be held on Sunday 29th April.

Resurrected from the depths of yesteryear, this event is a new take on an old classic. Rapid Ascent‘s Race Director – John Jacoby – 5 times Winner JLL/JLW Challenge Mt. Buller to Melbourne 1994, 95, 96, 98 & 2001 (undefeated & race record holder) brought this event out of retirement last year.

A demanding course, it promised to quickly become a highlight of the mutisport and adventure calendar. The race consists of 3 disciplines – trail running, road riding and paddling.

Covering 155 km of mud, hills and water, this race was a hoot last year. I entered as part of a team of three. The Tuesday Night Parmas. This was our first event together and we still talk about it whenever we get the chance.

This is a short video of our team Tuesday Night Parmas last year. As you can see, I am no Steven Spielberg when it comes to video edit and production.

We are doing the race again this year, though we have made a couple of changes to the team. Super Support Crew Kate is now doing one of the run legs and this time I am competing as the Banzai Adventurer. If you see us please come and say G’Day. Don’t look for us near the front of the field though, we are usually a little further back.

Stay tuned for an update on our training and preparations for the race.

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